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Be Part of This Play-full Community

While seeing lots of shows qualifies you as a theatre lover, there are many other ways to be a bona fide part of the ATX Theatre scene. Step one is to join this site for FREE so you have access to members' only pages and get our weekly theatre guide in your inbox on Wednesdays!

You’re in the right place to meet such fabulous people! Learn about local playwrightingtheatre design and acting talents you’ll want to follow, find ways to get involvedclasses for beginners to pros, Austin theatre’s greatest champions, and hidden heroes.

Do you want to make sure EVERY child can experience the kind of excitement and imaginative explosion that you did when you saw your first show? ATX Theatre Youngsters might be your calling!
 Youngsters if a magnificent way to give back to the next generation, do a pure good, and it offers name or business name sponsorship recognition, so you can inspire your whole community to provide imaginative growth for Austin youth!
ATX Theatre is all about making space for partnerships between theatre-makers and individuals, families, businesses, arts organizations, civic leaders and theatre-lovers to grow. Contact us, and let’s brainstorm about how we might collaborate to make living in Austin more play-full. Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   Our Shared Values  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 




We increase Austin’s awareness about our vibrant community’s broad range of work, bolster its appeal, and make accessing it simple and centralized. We listen to each other and to our audiences. We pay attention to constructive and destructive trends in our sector. We strive to include, engage, know and celebrate every theatre artist in Austin — and help audiences do the same. 



We are deeply committed to fostering a sense of belonging within the theatre community and for audiences. We highlight under-appreciated and under-resourced companies and individuals doing important work that reflects these three values. We strive to embody both the compassionate philosophies of anti-racism, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, AND the actions and policies they require — even when doing so is less than comfortable. 



We support each other across organizational boundaries, sharing resources and information. ATX Theatre affiliates serve the public together. We are mindful to uphold the public's experience of Austin theatre-going as a whole, and are supportive of the health of our entire sector. We honor all who contribute time, thought, energy and/or tangible resources towards our collective vision.

Our Collective Vision

Theatre-going in Austin is connective, easy & fun. “I can’t wait to go again!”

Theatre-making in Austin is enhancing, sustainable & inclusive. “This is a theatre town.”

Our Mission

ATX Theatre unites theatre-goers w/ theatre-makers to up Austin's cultural vitality, up community, up theatre accessibity, and flex the local creative economy!

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