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NO AUDITION ENTRY FEE thanks to the generosity of

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and through the collective contributions of the attending theatre producers and FAB volunteers. Thank you for working together beautifully!

Welcome, Actors!

Requirements to meet before Auditioning:

1. I have joined for FREE and I am at least 18 years old. (To join, click the blue “Join for FREE!” button at the top of this page. Non-members will not get audition appointments; social media following is lovely, but it doesn't count. Thanks.) 

2. I live in (or near enough to) Austin, TX to be able to work locally. NO OUT-OF-TOWN ACTORS, PLEASE. LOCAL HIRES ONLY!

3. I agree to follow The Guidelines for my audition.

4. I have a headshot that I can upload in .jpg or .png format with my name in the file name

5. I have a résumé to upload as a .pdf. with my name in the file name. (Please read Résumé Suggestions.)




• Non-union audition sign-ups closed on May 8, and the in-person auditions are full. Video auditions are being accepted through May 30.

Actor’s Equity members who did not sign up in advance may appear on the day of the audition per EPA guidelines (bring AEA membership card) or may send a video audition. Video auditions are encouraged since the slots are full, and showing up in person will mean significant waiting.

• To send a video audition, email a headshot (.jpg), a resume (.pdf), and a link to your accessible video (no passwords, no permission firewalls) to info[at] Skip directly to The Guidelines for time/material infoALL VIDEO AUDITION LINKS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 30 AT MIDNIGHT.




• Location: ZACH Theatre’s Kleberg stage (the OG ZACH building), 202 South Lamar in Austin
• Directions: ZACH’S complex is located just south of the river on the west side of Lamar. The Kleberg is on the northwest corner of the ZACH complex near the giant oak tree.

• FREE Parking: available in the lot in front of the Kleberg entrance or in the Toomey Road lot near the Whisenhunt stage on the southwest part of the complex. A free parking permit was emailed to you (with your appointment confirmation) for use in non-employee ZACH lots on the day of your audition. Print it and leave it visible on the dashboard of your vehicle while parked
• Arrive up to 1/2 hour early to ensure time to park and relax before your appointment. 
Please check in with Inge, Gina, or April at the table just inside the front door of the Kleberg so we know you are present and ready. If you are late to your appointment, an alternate will take your slot and you may have to then wait as an alternate.


ATX Theatre strives to flatten barriers in our industry and foster inclusive community through the values of Awareness, Belonging, and Collaboration. In line with these values, THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS AUDITION. (In previous incarnations of this event, a fee was charged.) While you'll notice an efficient, Equity Principal Audition structure at these auditions, there will also be a playful/warm vibe — volunteers are literally baking treats for you (aw!), and you're encouraged to get to know your fellow group members. So, relax and have a good time in addition to kicking butt in your audition. 


If you received an appointment, SHOW UP FOR IT. Really, No flaking. Okay? Okay. Thank you. IMPORTANT: Please confirm receipt of your appointment-time email AND confirm that you will attend your appointment by replying to that email with a YES.



The Audition Guidelines

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, noon-5 p.m. - monologues only: 2 MINUTES MAX

Prepare one 2-minute (or shorter) monologue OR two contrasting 1-minute monologues (comedic/dramatic and/or modern/classical). The 2-minute timer begins on the first word of your first monologue — after you very briefly state your name, character name(s), play title(s), and playwright(s). You will be asked to stop/depart at precisely 2 minutes with a “Thank you” from the stage manager. Please avoid monologues intended to shock with blood/guts/extreme profanity.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 1:30-6:30 p.m. musical theatre day: 32 bars of a song + 1-minute monologue: 2 MINUTES MAX

Bring a 32-bar cut of a song from an actual musical. (Mark sheet music clearly with cuts. Music must be clean/easy to decipher and bound neatly in a functional notebook or mounted on cardstock/cardboard for the accompanist. NO LOOSE OR STAPLED PAGES and no more than 32 bars. You may set your tempo with the accompanist very briefly before introducing your pieces.) State your name, the character’s name, the song title, the musical’s title; and then the name, character name, play title, and playwright of your monologue.​ (This gives the accompanist a few seconds to look over the music.) Sing your musical selection and then present a 1-minute contrasting monologue. The 1-minute monologue timer begins on the first word of your monologue. You will be asked to stop/depart at precisely 1 minute with a “Thank you.” 

THE DANCE CALL IS ON FOR SUNDAY!! If you signed up to dance, you will be escorted from the Kleberg to the Whisenhunt Dance Studio as soon as your group completes the monologue/singing portion. You will learn a short combination there, and return to the Kleberg 30-ish minutes later to execute the choreo in your group of six for the auditors. This is not a contest. Help each other. Aim to be the best team of six! The strongest dancer should be in front so the two behind and the three behind them can follow if needed (1-2-3 formation).



Résumé Suggestions

Please be sure your name is in the file name.

Your résumé should include:

• your name
• up-to-date contact information such as email, phone number, or agent contact info 
• your height
• your theatre/acting experience
• your relevant training in acting, voice/speech, movement/dance, etc.

It can include (not required, but helpful):

• performing-related skills, vocal range, age range...

• a live link to a reel or website or iMDB if you have any of that

• a small headshot in the corner for reference (auditors will click FROM your headshot TO your résumé, so it's helpful if they can see you there, too) 

It should NOT include:

• your home address or any personal information unrelated to acting


THANK YOU TO the City-Wide Auditions Committee

• Aaliyah Jenkins • Anne Boyd • Beau Paul • Gina Houston • Kendra Wiley • Matthew Iott • Minerva Villa • Zach Barrett •


Résumé Suggestions
Audition Guidelines


Austin Playhouse / Sarah Chong Dickey (Small Professional Theatre contract, but also hires non-union)

Austin Shakespeare / Ann Ciccolella (Small Professional Theatre  contract, but also hires non-union)

Mary Moody Northen Theatre / Anna Skidis Vargas (Guest Artist contract)

Penfold Theatre / Nathan Jerkins & Ryan Crowder (Special Appearance contract, but mostly hires non-union)

Southwest Theatre Productions / Kat Sparks (Small Professional Theatre contract, but also hires non-union)

TexArts / Jonathan Young (Guest Artist contract, but also hires non-union)

ZACH Theatre / Marilyn Wechsler, Nat Miller (Letter of Agreement ref. LORT contract, but also hires non-union)
          Monique Midgette, ZACH’s new Associate Artistic Director wants to attend but is in rehearsal all day.


The Alchemy Theatre / Carol Hickey

ACC Drama Dpt. / Jamie Rogers

Austin Rainbow Theatre / Christopher Preslar

Austin Scottish Rite Theater / Deanna Belardinelli

Beyond August Productions / Jill Klopp Turner

Bohemian Theatricals / Rick Roemer

Bottle Alley Theatre Company / Sarah Hogestyn & Amber Wilson

Central Drama (Spanish language monologues encouraged!) / Sebastián Vitale

Cheerful Secrets / Rebecca Maag

City Theatre / Andy Berkovsky

Different Stages / Norman Blumensaadt

Filigree Theatre / Elizabeth V. Newman

Ground Floor Theatre / Lisa Scheps

Jarrott Productions / Dave Jarrott

La Fenice / Kate Meehan

Latino Comedy Project / Adrian Villegas

New Manifest Theatre Company / Simone Alexander

ScriptWorks / Christi Moore

Street Corner Arts / Rommel Sulit
Texas Comedies / Anna Cecil, Megan Ortiz, 

Theatre en Bloc / Jenny Lavery

The Baron’s Men / Lindsay Palinsky

The Stage Austin / Jeff Hinkle

The VORTEX / Bonnie Cullum, Clarissa Smith, Katie Hamilton, & Tamara L. Farley

Trinity Street Players / Steve Williams

Lacey Cannon Gonzales, director

Carl Gonzales, director/producer

Khristián Méndez Aguirre, director/producer

Helen Merino, Gateway Theatre Project

Will Douglas, director/producer


(Note: This is really a theatre-focused audition, but we invited Austin film/tv/commercial people in case they are interested in meeting new, dynamic talent.)

Red Glove Media / Ben Graham

American Lore TheatreJacob Rosenberg

Jameel Khaja / writer, producer, director of plays & film


Acclaim Talent / Jason Wasner

Vicky Boone Casting / Vicky Boone

The Blanco Agency / Lydia Blanco Garza

Our grassroots nonprofit seeks to innovate within our local creative sector and support inclusive professionalism. We hope you’ll get involved with ATX Theatre to help us do better! Email to volunteer.

To SAVE on nights out at the theatre, be sure to check out our upgraded membership level: LOYAL LOCAL! This upgrade, just $25 gets you perks at local businesses such as Trianon Coffee, L'Oca d'Oro Italian restaurant, and many beloved Austin theatres! It also gets you first dibs whenever ATX Theatre receives comp tickets to distribute. Being LOYAL LOCAL members were also granted early sign-up for this audition. Plus, you get an ATX Theatre keyring as your membership card to help you redeem your perks! Check it out.

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