ATX Theatre Boosters

What’s a booster? A booster is any person or business that contributes financially or in kind — with physical resources or generous effort — to help theatres survive! (A.K.A. theatre angels.) We’ll introduce you to one booster-angel each month right here. And, please, the next time you go see a show , notice the list of contributors in the program. Those people and businesses make theatre possible.

Q3 2021  ATX Boosters of the Month:


Here is a bio about TBD.

Future Featured Boosters

To nominate a booster-angel to appear in this feature, please email info[at] and type BOOSTER OF THE QUARTER in the subject line. Thank you.

Q4 2021: 

Q1 2022:


These gorgeous people were at a ZACH party. This is a place-holder image while we build this page. But, if you know this couple, please tell them we'd love to feature them as boosters of the month if they would like us to.