ATX Stage Manager or Techie of the Quarter

The people you never see are the people who really run the show. Level-headed, organized, effective and no-nonsense, stage managers handle every crisis, diva, crash, boom, dropped cue, leak, mishap and keep everyone on schedule — and they do all that with grace. Technical theatre workers (affectionately known as “Techies”) run equipment, make the world of the play look amazing, and help stage magic seem effortless. THESE people are the unsung heroes of live theatre. The next time you go see a show, try to find the stage manager (you probably won’t — they are busy) or a member of the crew (you might miss them — like ninjas, they wear all black clothing and are usually in dim locations), and thank them for being quietly awesome.

Q3 2021  ATX Stage Manger of the Quarter:


Here is a bio about TBD.

Future Featured Stage Managers/Techies

To nominate a booster-angel to appear in this feature, please email info[at] and type SM/TECHIE OF THE QUARTER in the subject line. Thank you.

Q4 2021: 

Q1 2022:


Stage manger TBD wears many hats, including this swanky ATX Theatre cap.