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The ATX Theatre LOYAL LOCAL keyring is the “membership card” for theatre-goers who upgrade their free site membership to the LOYAL LOCAL level. This membership does what no other can: It rewards you with perks at local small businesses and nonprofits who care about building community and supporting the arts in Austin — including some of your favorite theatres! All you do is flash your keyring when you request the perk. 


Current (and growing) LOYAL LOCAL perks can be viewed here.

How do you become an ATX Theatre LOYAL LOCAL? Just allocate $25 ONE TIME to upgrade your current (free) membership to LOYAL LOCAL status by clicking that yellow button above — or by mailing a check for $25 to ATX Theatre, P.O. Box 160474, Austin, TX 78716 if you prefer. You’ll receive your very own ATX Theatre keyring within two weeks as your FOREVER proof of membership. There is no recurring annual membership fee! Be an early adopter and upgrade your membership today!

We’re grateful for your loyalty to Austin theatre-going and we’re excited to keep building community and goodwill with you and our awesome LOYAL LOCAL business Partners. LET'S ALL SHOP LOCAL, Y'ALL.

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