Hi, Teachers, Camp Leaders & Parents

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Let’s Make Theatre for ALL Austin Children

Currently, some children from some schools in the capital city get to attend theatre. We conducted a study to find out which students were not getting access to this inspiring external enrichment activity. The historical data reveals that Black and Spanish-speaking students in Austin are less likely to have access to live theatre than white students are. The ATX Theatre Youngsters group wants to address this inequity long-term, in accordance with our organizational values of anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. We developed a ten-year plan to collaborate in purposeful inclusion and relationship-building — while raising funds to provide supplemental funding for underserved schools to attend productions. To give this initiative sustainability and community accountability, we are partnering with arts-loving citizens, local businesses, and elementary schools prioritized by school population data.

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Will You Join Us?

Our goal is to facilitate equitable, robust access to live theatre productions for all students in Austin before middle school, with fund-raising support and programming priority given to students of color and those who speak English as a second language. We deeply appreciate all contributions to this exciting, community-centric* fundraising campaign. Thank you.

*Community-Centric Fundraising is a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice. We prioritize the entire community over individual organizations, foster a sense of belonging and interdependence, present our work not as individual transactions but holistically, and encourage mutual support between nonprofits. This term and definition fit the Youngsters 10-year plan and our whole organization so precisely that we feel compelled to share this resource with you to learn more about the concept: https://communitycentricfundraising.org/