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Audition appointments are full. 

For actors who signed up for an appointment and uploaded digital headshot/resumes: Your assigned times are posted below (scroll down). 


You do NOT need to bring headshots/resumes! They will be provided digitally to the auditors.

• Actors can audition with monologues only ~ 90 seconds or less of material. Monologues from published plays (or produced screenplays) are preferred. If you exceed your 90-second time limit, you will be cut off politely at the stage manager’s discretion. You may do ONE 90-second (or less) monologue or two brief contrasting monologues that both fit into your 90-second timeframe. Up to you. Monologue-only auditioners should plan to:

   1. enter the room from downstage left when directed to do so

   2. introduce yourself and the source of your monologue/who wrote it (basic slate)

   3. rock your 90 seconds of monologue(s)
       - timer begins with the first word of the monologue

   4. say thank you and exit downstage right

• For people who wish to perform song AND monologue ~ 16 bars (roughly 30 seconds) of a song with cleanly cut sheet music that will stand up nicely on the piano, and then 90 seconds of monologue(s) according to the guidelines above. An accompanist will be provided (see ). No acapella singing, please. To help the day go as efficiently as possible, singers should plan to:

   1. provide sheet music to the door monitor in advance of your appointment time (your music will enter the room before you do)

   2. enter the room from downstage left when directed to do so
   3. set tempo briefly with Rob at the keyboard

   4. introduce yourself, your song title/what show it's from if applicable & monologue source/who wrote it
   5. sing 16 bars

   6. slay that 90-second monologue

   7. say thank you and exit downstage right (you do not need to retrieve your music -- we will bring it out to you after your appointment)

   8. your music will be returned to you by the down-stage-left door monitor (who took it from you in the first place) moments after your audition

(This order of events will allow Rob to review the next auditioner’s music while you do your monologue. Thank you for respecting this logistical request.)


• Please be sure YOUR NAME is in the file name.

• Your résumé should include:
     - your name
     - up-to-date contact information (email, agent contact info, your phone number)
     - your height

     - your theatre/acting experience
     - your relevant training in acting, speaking voice/speech/singing, movement/dance, etc.

• Your résumé can include (helpful but not required):
     - performing-related skills, vocal range, age range...
     - a live link to a reel, website, or iMDB page if you have any of those
     - a small headshot in the corner for reference
       (auditors will click from your headshot to your résumé, so it's helpful if they can see you there, too)
• Your resume should NOT include: your home address or any personal information unrelated to acting


• In its second year, the ATX Theatre Citywide Auditions bring producers/directors together with local talent in the spirit of Awareness, Belonging, and Collaboration. This audition presents no cost barrier.

• We will update you on who is attending and provide their email or mailing address after the audition in case you want to send follow-up mail.

AND THIS YEAR... A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY that may become a tradition!

NAILED IT: Audition Highlights from the 2024 ATX Theatre Citywides will be an evening of live performances from a select group of actors. The producers/directors at the audition will vote on their favorites in several categories. All actors who show up to audition (unless they opt out of consideration at the audition) are in the running to be considered for this performance. Keep the early evening of June 22 available to either perform in or watch NAILED IT. (Even if you aren't chosen for the show, watching great auditions is a terrific learning experience.) Actors who participate in the show will be provided a modest stipend, details TBA soon. Austin’s television/film/commercial casting directors and agents will be invited to this event as guests. We hope this is extra incentive to start preparing your audition early. 


for an ooga-booga, feel-good luuuuv note from ATX Theatre. (I wish someone would have said this to me when I started auditioning, so I'm saying it to you.) May these good wishes be with you from now through June 1 or 2.

Producers, directors, 

Sign ups are now closed.

Producers/directors/playwrights attending (so far):

Austin Playhouse

Ben Wolfe

Austin Rainbow Theatre:

Christopher Preslar

Austin Scottish Rite Theatre:

Deanna Belardinelli & Jelena Rhynes


Austin Shakespeare (Multiple AEA Contracts):
Ann Ciccolella

Beyond August Productions

Shannon Embry (Sunday only)

Bottle Alley Theatre Co.:
Chris Fontanes

Broad Theatre:

Molly Fonseca & Anikka Lekven

Cheerful Secrets

Rebecca Maag (Sunday only)

Cold Frame Collective

Audrey Barrett & Caroline Bobbitt (Saturday only)

Communication by Captivation: 
Sean Themea & John Rodgers

Creative Action: 
Noah Martin


Different Stages: 
Norman Blumensaadt (Saturday only)

Georgetown Palace Theatre:

Ron Watson (Saturday only)

Ground Floor Theatre: 
Lisa Scheps, Lacey Cannon Gonzales , Carl Gonzales, Megan Thornton

Mary Moody Northen Theatre (7 AEA Contracts):

Anna Skidis Vargas

Medium Rare Theater
Jess Hawthorne Fiene & Ali Gutierrez

Paramount Story Wranglers:

Tyler Mabry (Saturday) & Katie Moore (Sunday) 

Penfold Theatre (Round Rock; Occasional AEA Contracts):
Ryan Crowder and/or Nathan Jerkins

SkyDome Stage Company (Pflugerville; Eventual AEA Contracts):

Jonathan Young, Amanda Alch, Richard Cerato, Julia Chereson,
Matrex Kilgore, Gab Peńa

Speedrun Studios:

Austin Civatte

Stories Found:

Ava Love Hanna

Teatro Vivo:

Roxanne Schroeder-Arce (Sunday only)

Texas Comedies

John Cecil

The Archive Theater:

Jennifer Rose Davis

The Baron's Men:

Lindsay Palinsky (Saturday only)

The City Theatre Company:

Andy Berkovsky

The Filigree Theatre:

Elizabeth V. Newman

The Stage Austin

Susannah Crowell



Bonnie Cullum & Chris Fontanes


Theatre En Bloc

Jenny Lavery


Liz Ross & Madison Jackson

Walking Shadow Shakespeare Project: 
Stephanie & Mike Crugnola, Tony P. Henderson

ZACH Theatre (AEA Contracts):

Marilyn Wechsler, Casting Associate

ZM3 LiveProductions/Black Rose Theater Productions:

Zell MIller, III

Independent Directors/Playwrights:

Faith Sanders

W. Boyd Siebert

Rebecca Osborne

audition love note.png



This audition is intended to help casting directors, producers, and directors hiring local actors to find new and qualified talent — AND to help local actors find paying work (or non-paying community theatre work offering experience they want).


Producers/directors seek actors with experience and training. This audition is not a good fit for those unfamiliar with basic acting terminology and who aspire to act but do not have a track record of doing so. Beginning actors are encouraged to seek training before auditioning in future years.



The Citywides are not intended for actors living outside of the Austin-metro area. If you are seen at this audition, it will be assumed you are a local hire.

Signing up to watch these auditions as a producer/director/casting director is not allowed for anyone who runs a businesses that charges actors money for experience, lessons, or advice. No acting schools, consultants, or pay-to-play theatres may attend. To clarify, agents are welcome at these auditions since they help actors find paying work and are only paid when the actor is paid. Acting teachers who also HIRE actors themselves for acting jobs may attend — with the understanding that this audition is for hiring, not for marketing classes to those who audition.

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