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  1. Say yes! The point of the LOYAL LOCAL program is to drive our theatre-loving members to your business. 

  2. Pick a perk that will lure people in (but not shave margins uncomfortably close) such as BOGO of a particular item, a dollar amount or percentage discount, or a specific freebie or privilege add-on with purchase...

  3. Email your perk to Sharron will send you a proof prior to publishing/promoting it to be sure it’s exactly as you wish. You can change your perk once a month or never — just email the revision.

  4. Please send us a crisp image of your logo to use in promoting your perk to our members and promoting your business on social media. Your linked logo will also be placed in the footer of our website for the duration of our partnership. We request a reciprocal footer placement on your website and will provide an image. 

  5. Enjoy an additional stream of theatre-loving customers flashing ATX Theatre Loyal Local keyrings to redeem perks.

To get going on this, contact Sharron Anderson at


Why a keyring?

The ATX Theatre LOYAL LOCAL keyring represents an "upgraded" ATX Theatre membership level — a sturdy sort of membership card! Anyone can join ATX Theatre through our website and get the weekly theatre guide for FREE. But the upgraded LOYAL LOCAL membership level comes with perks from partnering businesses who believe the arts and local artists are important to Austin's cultural fabric. We made it a keyring because buying local is key to a happy city, and live theatre is key to inspiring weekends. 


What are the goals of the LOYAL LOCAL keyring program?

1) Drive theatre-goer dollars to locally owned businesses whose owners care about the arts (Partners). 

2) Forge genuine relationships with Partners so we can maximize helping each other while eliminating/minimizing costs. (Yay for co-marketing, trading ads, and the power of talking positively -- whether person-to-person or in online shout-outs -- 'costs nothin' to be nice.)

3) Keep local business owners in the know about theatrical happenings. When you join (totally FREE), you'll receive our weekly theatre guide! That way, you'll know if a theatre near your business has a show running. We encourage direct collaboration between Partners and our 80 affiliate theatre companies. We want you to know and help each other. Collaboration!

4) Get our visual identity in front of more eyeballs via stickers, linked footer images, and 500 ATX Theatre keyrings out there jangling to raise awareness about Austin's radical cornucopia of live theatre happening every weekend. 


How much are members paying and does it renew each year? Are you making millions off of this? 

This is a public awareness loyalty program, not a big money-maker for us. The LOYAL LOCAL membership level fee is currently $25. The price may increase as the number of perks increases to cover administrative costs. The keyring represents a lifetime membership card — no yearly renewal. 


Are you tracking member purchasing behavior? 

ATX Theatre does not track anyone’s keyring perk usage. But each business can track usage as they wish -- and we are glad to work with you to maximize effectiveness through discussion and growing this program with purpose. If you see trends in keyring use, let us know and we can push that in social media and email mentions. Or, for example, if a Partner restaurant develops a slump night that needs support, we can swap out the perk and encourage gatherings on that night in a targeted way. We want to ensure this program works FOR YOU as well as for our members. 


What if people abuse the keyring perks?

If there is ever a concern that a keyring is being used improperly, just check the identity of the user against this page. (This page is only visible to Partners and Members). Your perk wording can clarify your policy with something like, “One perk per visit for LOYAL LOCAL member only -- ID may be requested to confirm membership.” We are stressing to LOYAL LOCAL members that keyrings are NOT to be shared to maintain the integrity of the program.


How many businesses will participate as Partners? Will my business be lost in a sea of crowded discount ads? That's why I loathed Passbook.

We intend to cap participating business Partners at 24 (excluding theatre companies -- we hope every theatre will offer a perk). So, your logo will eventually appear not in a sea, but in a beautiful stream of logos of the 24 partners in the footer of our website — a badge of honor to be among businesses that have hyper-local heart!


Will people crowd through my door for discounts the minute I say yes to this?

No. We purchased 500 keyrings, and started offering upgraded memberships in January 2023. So your exposure for discounts/deals is modest at present, and will be capped at 500 long-term -- and those 500 will be spread across the city. Should demand exceed 500, and we need to re-order keyrings, we will alert Partners in advance. Because the program is new, it may take a several months to find traction — Thank you for being patient with us.


How do I show customers that I honor the keyring with a perk?

We provide stickers for your front window and cash wrap. They look like this:


Is there anything else I need to know or do? 

Since we will feature your logo frequently and prominently, we request that you reciprocate by placing a linked image of either the sticker above or of our logo (below -- feel free to capture this image and reduce it) in the footer of your website. (The link should be  Also, know that ATX Theatre and its affiliates are game to partner in other ways that may be beneficial to all.

Thank you for considering this. We look forward to partnering with you.

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