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The Fundraising Committee handles operational/financial aspects of the organization and carries out the fundraising plan to raise sufficient resources for the ATX Theatre public awareness campaign (SM ads, media budget), ongoing expenses (website/domain/Zoom/Doodle/Canva/printing); ATX Theatre Youngsters program (passthrough dollars); and (someday, hopefully) a p/t staff to help the board manage the organization with limited, supported hours. 

MEMBERS: Victor Villalobos, Cecelia Gay, Sharron Anderson // intent to invite Simone Alexander and Cat Ashton

Key Results (all of these are either "needs attention" or "not started"):

Thorough prep work = solid foundation

  • budget = firmed up
  • fundraising plan = attainable and clear

  • our operational systems are structured for all dealings (donations, reporting, IRS forms, PayPal vs. other thing…)

  • our organizational structure & ethos are refined/can pass muster w/ foundations (bylaws updated, mission/vision/values sharpened, tone shift; clarify/simplify our WHY)

  • we’ve built relationships w/ local businesses: we help them attract our members (they grow into sponsors)

Modest 2022 FR plan is actualized (while doing PREP WORK)​​

  • identify and write grants (for which affiliate theatres are not applying) 2022 goal: $6K

  • solicit gifts from individuals  2022 goal: $2k

  • build relationships w/ corporate sponsors (collaborate w/ Youngsters for school sponsors) 2022 goal: $8k (100% passthrough or direct to TYAs)

  • re-build online gift shop (to provide funding stream/share URL far & wide via merch) 2022 goal: $2k
    - est. new LOCAL relat. w/ screen printer who does fulfillment
    - collaborate with Communicators to sell


We are tight w/ 10+ local businesses & have a perks program! 2022 goal: $0.00; prep for 2023 rollout & beyond.

  • Big Idea: provide benefits to members while developing future sponsors through time/relationships/luuuv

  • establish vendor relationships (ideas*)

  • set deals & how to articulate them to bizes/members

  • purchase custom keychains

  • sell keychains (collab. w/ M&M/Communications)

  • make program sustainable long-term/determine length of biz commitment (10 years?) to encourage our people to have places it frequents/loyalty/relationships



* Trianon Coffee, a florist!, Jeff’s cider, Siete Foods (gatekeeper said no, but NOT giving up!), Amy’s Ice Cream, Lash Lounge, Karavel Shoes, Poke-Jo’s, Jack Allen, Kendra Scott, a local gym?, a massage therapist, a voice teacher, a hair stylist?, a photographer who does portraits, business and headshots… things theatre people need but audience people could also use…

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