Austin, Texas is home to more than 85 theatre companies!
ATX Theatre brings them all together for you.




Companies That Go
Beyond Productions

Art Spark Texas

ATX Interfaces

Baby Girl Productions

Deaf Austin Theatre

HBMG Foundation

Proyecto Teatro*

TILT Performance Group

What’s In the Mirror?

College &
University Theatres

Austin Community College
Drama Department

St. Edward’s University’s
Mary Moody Northen Theatre

University of Texas at Austin
Dept. of Theatre & Dance*

Improvisation, Storytelling & More

Esther's Follies

Mortified Austin


The Hideout Theatre

Theatre Companies

Agni Entertainment


American Records

Austin Playhouse*

Austin Rainbow Theatre

Austin Scottish Rite Theatre*

Austin Shakespeare*

Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Brown Boy Productions

Capitol T Theatre

Central Drama

City Theatre

Cold Frame Collective

Color Arc Productions

Different Stages

Filigree Theatre

Frank Wo/Man Collective


Gateway Theatre Project

Generic Ensemble Co.

Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

Glass Half Full Theatre*

Grackle Jack

Ground Floor Theatre


Heartland Theatre Collective

Heckle Her

Hidden Room

Hyde Park Theatre

JW Hill Productions

Jarrott Productions

La Fenice

Last Act

Latino Comedy Project

Lucky Chaos

Melange Theatre Company

Mortified Austin

Natalie George Productions

New Manifest Theatre Company

Outpost Tomorrow*

Paper Chairs

Paradox Players

Paramount Story Wranglers*

Past is Prologue Productions

Pedemonte Productions

Penfold Theatre

Performance Platform Austin

Pollyanna Theatre Company*

Present Company

Rosedale Shakespeare

Rude Mechs

Sad Girls Productions

Salvage Vanguard

Scottish Rite Theater


Seriff Productions

Shrewd Productions

Southwest Theatre Productions

Spectrum Theatre Company

Street Corner Arts

Summer Break Theatre

Summer Stock Austin*

Teatro Espacio Agua Viva

Teatro Vivo*

Texas Comedies*

Texas Performing Arts

The Archive Theatre

The Baron’s Men*

The Hideout Theatre

The Stage


Theatre en Bloc*

Trinity Street Players

Trouble Puppet Theatre

Twin Alchemy Theatre

Whirligig Productions

ZACH Theatre*

Zilker Theatre Productions*


* Produces (or also produces)
theatre for young audiences
& families

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      ATX Theatre producers: add productions to this listing here. Include [company] at [venue] & venue's zip code.

      Do you produce theatre within the Austin city limits? If so, we’re glad to add your company to this list. Just email us.

Audiences outside Austin: We love the theatres on Austin's outskirts! Though they're not listed here, we encourage Central Texas audiences to explore them. Not sure if there's one near you? Our good partner, CTX Live Theatre, lists all the theatres in Central Texas alphabetically by town name!

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“Planning a night out to catch some Austin theater just became easier.”   

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