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The LOYAL LOCAL Key Ring is available only for ATX Theatre-Goers who upgrade their free site membership to a LOYAL LOCAL Membership level. Perks of the LOYAL LOCAL Key Ring will grow with our organization to include a variety of discounts and deals at local, arts-loving businesses (which will be detailed on a protected webpage beginning on February 14 — for use by LOYAL LOCAL Members only).

The introductory cost for this lifetime LOYAL LOCAL Membership fee is $25.00.* Once this one-time LOYAL LOCAL Membership fee is remitted by clicking the yellow button above (or mailing a check to the address below if you prefer), your LOYAL LOCAL Key Ring will be mailed to the address you provide within 2 weeks (usually sooner).

We’re grateful for your loyalty to Austin theatre-going and we’re excited to build community and goodwill with you and the local businesses that provide discount perks! Thank you for your patience as we build this loyalty program.

*Note: The membership fee for the LOYAL LOCAL will increase over time as the list of benefits gets beefy, so be an early adopter of this lifetime membership as it’s being built at this great introductory price! Thank you for your support.

To pick up other fabulous merch that promotes theatre-going in Austin, visit our Gear Shop!


The ATX Theatre Gear Shop is hosted by Cafe Press. Though this online store was supposed to serve as a fundraiser, the prices Cafe Press charges are prohibitive. So, instead, ATX Theatre makes just 1 cent on each product you buy from Cafe Press. We want these items to be affordable to help you spread the word about live theatre in Austin! Thank you for using ATX Theatre gear to help build your community!

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